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India Sacred Retreat 

with Ragani and Kaita

The Sacred Retreat Tour will be traveling to northern India and into the Ladakh region of the Himalayas, where there are many sacred sites to experience. "One of the most bucket list-worthy destinations on the planet" (425 Magazine), Ladakh's energy is palpable, and worthy of the thousands of sages and yoga adepts that have walked these grounds. With its snow-capped peaks, clear blue skies, and barren mountains with meandering rivers, this "Land of the High Passes" is among the most stunning areas of the Himalayas and an impressive manifestation of the powerful mystical energies that permeate this picturesque region. Ancient Buddhist monasteries with colorful fluttering prayer flags and cool mountain breezes populate this entire area, and the majestic spiritual vibrations of these lands are palpable to all who enter. Treat yourself to spiritual grandeur and discover a few of the secrets in this incredible region...

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Ladakh - Rishikesh - Agra

Join Ragani and Kaita for the journey of a lifetime
to the sacred Himalayas of northern India, land of the mystics
and sages of ancient spiritual traditions.

Immerse yourself

in the majestic energies of sacred places

Rejuvenate yourself 

with guided meditations, relaxation

gentle yoga for all ages, 

delicious vegetarian meals,

and kirtan (yoga chants)


spiritual stories and insights from your guides
who are eager to share the blessings of India with you
during this all-inclusive retreat.


A rare opportunity - India awaits you!

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